About Us



We are an Education Consultancy Company based in Riga, Latvia.

Our primary goal is to assist students in finding the best place to start
or continue their studies in Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia.
Studying abroad is a very important factor for potential career opportunities,
it is the best way to get noticed and get in contact with potential employers or a great way to bring new knowledge back home.
It is a very brave path, but there is a massive preparation to do before going abroad. Documents, payment fees, university interviews, Visa procedures
and even planning your route and arrival to your desired country.


AHASA has experienced professionals who know the answers to any question related to studying abroad. Our reputation allows us to represent some of the best colleges, universities, and other educational institutions and our growing list of partners. Our Objective is to become the most reliable and trustworthy Education Consultancy firm, bringing up to date information about courses and universities for students around the globe.



Our Vision

Cross Border education is very important in the modern world. It is a massive step for people to leave their homes and try to achieve something bigger in a foreign country. We hope that thanks to our minor assistance world will see many talented professionals who will represent their communities.

Our Mission

AHASA is set on becoming a company associated with quality service. Providing a transparent application process for both students and educational premises.